433mhz 433.92mhz External Antenna Suits Automatic Gates Garages Remote Controls

433mhz 433.92mhz External Antenna  Suits Automatic Gates Garages Remote Controls
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Product Information
LONG RANGE 433.92mhz Quality Tuned External Antenna
This is a professional gate automation product, with a stainless steel mounting plate.
  • Suits all 433mhz and 433.92mhz remote control systems
  • It will greatly improve your remote control range
  • 100m -200m range in the right conditions can be achieved
  • Includes Antenna, 5m RG174u pre-wired coax cable, Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket.


Why buy this antenna? This is a long range 3.5dbi 35cm Antenna. It will out perform all the other small 10cm antennas available, The 5m Cable is also the perfect size for most jobs, you will soon realise that 2m is not long enough when running under motors up to the control box. Don't waste your time & money on a small 10cm antenna, it will not compare. I have sold all antenna types  and by far this is the best i have come accross.

If you have low range issues with your automatic gate or garage door this will help you
If you would like to open your gate or garage from the end of the street buy it now!

Compatible with all 433mhz  remote controls systems including but not limited to:
ATA, B&D, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Merlin, Boss, Smart, BFT, magic buton RIB, FAAC, Fadini, ACDC, Raclo, Elsema.

Don't Waste $90  on brand name antennas when you can buy this for a fraction of the price.

Easy to install DIY. Just connect to the antenna and earth terminal of your automatic Gate/Garage
Inside wire is antenna,  outside wire is shield / ground / earth

If you have an Australia board you will connect to the plug in receiver as below or similar

If you have an European or Asian board the receiver is inbuilt. Connect to the antenna terminal as below

If you are still unsure, email us a photo and we will tell you where to connect.

Product Code GGR-ANT
Condition New

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